Action Plan

PARC vigorously opposes a South Mountain Freeway Truck By-Pass along the Pecos alignment through the following actions:

  • Bringing the best legal minds to bear on ADOT, MAG, and the US Dept of Transportation. The best hope we have for fighting the Pecos alignment is to legally fight it through the Environmental Impact Statement process. This is an expensive fight, so we need your support!
  • Recognizing the need to continuously improve and expand the transportation system in the Valley of the Sun, but insisting that creative solutions be found that do not compromise the health of citizens and the valuable natural resources of the valley and that prevent destruction of Federal highway funding sources.
  • Elevating awareness that this proposed freeway is an exceedingly poor use of taxpayer money by informing the public and elected / appointed officials regarding the details of the poor cost-benefit profile of this project, the specific major negative impacts / risks (destruction of South Mountain, increased pollution because of the truck by-pass), and the low sensitivity of our government officials and agencies to public input.
  • Debunking the myths that have appeared about this proposed freeway, including the myths about the extent this freeway would improve traffic in the valley (actually very little), the extent of damage required of South Mountain to build this freeway (actually quite significant), the extent of environmental damage this freeway would cause (actually quite extensive), and the cost in total tax dollars to build this freeway (at least $2-$4 Billion for the current 8-lane proposal).
  • Aligning with like-minded groups to build a solid case about the environmental damage that this freeway would do, including the significant addition of air pollutants into the Valley of the Sun at a time when it is important (both financially and health-wise) that the pollutants be decreased and the destruction of natural resources (South Mountain, wildlife, and water) that cannot be reversed once the damage is done.
  • Issuing a “call to action” to valley citizens to get involved in raising funds and acting against this freeway by applying political pressure to agencies and elected / appointed officials, commissioning professionals to provide relevant data, bringing our legal resources to bear against the freeway in any way possible, and in general making life miserable for ADOT and MAG decision makers through the use of every means possible, including posters, signs, articles, presentations, blogs, anti-election campaigns, etc. until they start making responsible decisions with respect to the Valley Transportation Plan.