Environmental Impact Statement

The best hope we have for fighting the South Mountain Freeway is legally. Once ADOT issues the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the public will have time to comment on it. Then, ADOT will respond to the public input in producing the Final EIS. Once ADOT issues the Final EIS, the public again has an opportunity to make comments. Then ADOT meets with MAG and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The FHWA issues a build or no build decision called a Record of Decision (ROD). If we don’t like the ROD, then we can initiate legal action.

With a professional environmentalist to write EIS rebuttals and a top-notch legal team to take this to court, we can win this fight!

PARC’s legal counsel is Howard Shanker from The Shanker Law Firm. Mr. Shanker is known for representing many Native American tribes in their successful environmental victories in court.

As PARC’s legal counsel, Mr. Shanker will bring in the necessary environmental professionals to fight the EIS for the South Mountain Freeway. We will win this fight! But it is an expensive fight, so we need your support!