Freeway Toxic Zone!

Within ½ mile of freeway (the “Hot Zone”):

  • Asthma and lung impairment for our children
  • Cardiovascular issues and premature death for seniors
  • Extreme health effects with possible death if hazmat spill within ½ mile

Within 1 mile of freeway:

  • Serious air pollution
  • Serious effects with possible death if hazmat spill within 1 mile

Within 3 miles of freeway:

  • Increased air pollution
  • Ill effects and still possible death if hazmat spill within 3 miles

Note: 17 schools, including 10 Ahwatukee schools, are in the “Hot Zone”!

Dr George D. Thurston, PARC health expert on the effects of air pollution:

“…the increased exposure to residents living or going to school near to the proposed South Mountain Freeway will be at substantially increased risk of adverse health effects if the freeway is built as proposed, and I further note that these various health impacts are ignored or not sufficiently addressed in the draft DEIS. In particular, if the freeway is built as planned, children with asthma will be at much greater risk of experiencing asthma exacerbations (e.g., asthma attacks, wheezing, cough, etc.). Healthy children will be at significantly higher risk of getting new-onset asthma, and all children living near the proposed Freeway will likely have their lung growth and development inhibited from what it would have been without the Freeway. In adults, the primary health threat from the proposed Freeway air pollution will be increased risks of chronic cardiovascular illness (e.g., PAD), acute myocardial infarctions (MIs), and premature mortality.”

Read the full report.

The South Mountain Freeway would carry a disproportionate number of gasoline tankers. Many other hazmat trucks would also use this truck bypass. An accident involving chlorine gas could potentially wipe out (quick and painful death) a large portion of the population of Ahwatukee.

Read the full hazmat report.