Major Impacts of SMF

  1. Condemnation, acquisition and demolition of hundreds of homes, at least one church and several location-sensitive businesses. Disruption of hundreds of families in and around the right of way because ADOT has brought back a freeway plan from 25 years ago.
  2. Huge excavation (blasting through 3 ridges on the west end of South Mountain Park and removing 4 Million cubic yards of mountain) at a location considered sacred and a traditional cultural property by the Gila River Indian Community.
  3. Prevention of the analysis and preservation of several archeological sites.
  4. Possible disruption of an identified endangered species.
  5. Unique, expensive and elevated design to provide for major drainage from South Mountain, when this could be accomplished with a below ground level design if ADOT could learn to think creatively.
  6. Design that will maximize noise, health, visual and pollution impact on a huge number of adjoining properties and citizens, including at least 10 major schools (one elementary school immediately adjacent to the right-of-way) along the currently selected path through Tolleson, Laveen, and Ahwatukee.
  7. Location that would attract heavy interstate / international trucking into our Air Pollution Attainment area and specifically near a significant air pollution particulate measurement station on the west side, surely resulting in Federal penalties for the County.
  8. Expensive public remediation of a SuperFund hazardous material site on the West Side and the risk of HazMat transport through a sensitive ecological area and a community with limited egress on the East Side.
  9. The disparate impact of environmental pollution on the ethnic minorities / Native Americans along the western right-of-way who could demonstrate discriminatory effects resulting in possible civil rights violations.